My name is Alba and I have created QUIMI-REACH

I help companies in the chemical sector to be up to date with current legislations on safety and that they never have to worry about sanctions, draw up documents, or doubt if they will pass their next REACH inspection

I am a chemical engineer with a master’s degree in environmental engineering and occupational risk prevention in the three specialties.

All my life I have been an analytical person, I spent six years competing in the chess federation. Being focused and looking for the best strategy is something I like.

However, everyone needs some activity and not only on a mental level. One of the things I like to do in my spare time is go to the mountains and do track and field. As in sports, I am persistent in everything I do.

Regarding my work, I have been in this sector for five years and sometimes they ask me what it was that made me choose this world. I will tell you so you can better understand how the idea of creating QUIMI-REACH came about:

When I started in the chemical industry I worked in Regulatory affairs, it was one of my first jobs. The people in charge of guiding me did not know how to transmit the knowledge correctly, even though they were dedicated to it. Doing a job without fully understanding what I was doing was quite an unpleasant experience. I swore that I would never work in security again.

Fortunately, circumstances led me back to a similar position, but at another company. This time everything was very different, I fell in love with my work.

The person in charge of training me, and who I was going to replace when she left, did know what she was doing and explained it to me so well, that I began to see this sector as if it were something totally different from what I had known until then.

I discovered with surprise that I loved security and that I could help many companies since there are shortcomings in the sector and I wanted to remedy it in some way.

With my work I can not only prepare documentation and prevent accidents, I also have the possibility to explain how the regulations work and make people stop seeing it as something tedious and start considering it from another perspective.

That is why I created QUIMI-REACH, to give not only advice, but also to give personalized attention to my clients so that they can feel that someone is helping them.

I don’t want to make a visit and disappear for a year, I want you to feel free to consult any doubts and problems that may arise, to be able to have continuous communication when you need to solve doubts.

My specialty is solving and understanding the related problems posed to me as if they were my own problems, looking for the cheapest and easiest option to implement.

I will help you understand the regulations and the legal framework that apply to you, so that you can detect deficiencies for yourself.

For me, customer satisfaction is the most important thing and that they feel that the service is personalized, that I can solve any problem, and that they can call me when they need to.

If my work philosophy fits with yours, I invite you to contact me and see how I can help you.